Annual Community Meeting for the Parish 2021

Thank you very much to all who took tables on behalf of village organisations this year.  Overall the day went very well and the new format seems much more conducive than the old for a community event.  Not only is this more enjoyable, the informal atmosphere is much better for facilitating networking between village organisations and getting the community together, including the potential for welcoming new people to the village. 

Although we could have done with more people through the door, from a total of at least 7 or 8 new faces, the History Group gained 4 or 5 new members and the Neighbourhood Plan one new group member and the Open Gardens Weekend gained 4 new potential volunteers.  If there were others then please let me know.  Arising directly from the event the Parish Council has received additional in-principle funding for the Play & Recreation Area development from the Town Farm Charity and from District Councillor Rick Meyer who was able to attend for part of the afternoon.

Thanks to the Community Council and their team for serving the refreshments and in particular to Ian Bartholomew and Amanda Ellis for having kept the village hall as accessible as possible throughout every twist and turn of lockdown regulations.  This has been no mean feat and in no small part is what allowed this event to take place so successfully today.

I intend to propose to the Parish Council that the next event (which will be held in April as is usual in normal times) will serve alcohol as well as tea and cake refreshments and is held for 2-3 hours rather than 4.  Hopefully by then, new residents may be settling into the Wattisfield Road development so this might coincide nicely. 

The Parish Council would appreciate your feedback, suggestions and ideas for improving the event for next year which may hopefully also form part of the process of finalising the Neighbourhood Plan. 

Kevin Boardley – Parish Clerk
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