Adventure Play Park

Parents and Children enjoying the inaugural party for the opening of Walsham Play ParkThe improved Play Area was opened over the two days of the Open Gardens Weekend August 30 & 31st 2009 by the Play Council Committee.

The extremely enthusiastic and dedicated committee expended a lot of effort over few months prior to the re-opening.

Children enjoying the new sand pit in the Walsham Play ParkThe Play Council emerged from the original Youth Forum which did such great work putting the Millenium Village Appraisal into action. Local children were asked what they wanted in Walsham and then following successful grant applications, including a £50,000 Playbuilder grant, the Skatepark and MUGA were built.

As with all community committees, a constant flow of new members to take over the hard work and keep things rolling is needed especially when the focus is for children, who’s families grow and move on.  If you would like to get involved please send a message for Quentin Cass using the main contact form.


The Honorary Officers:

Chair | Quentin Cass
Vice Chair | Mia Witham
Secretary | Nicki Harvey
Treasurer | Kate Daly