A Celebration of Letters

poster notice for remeberance day event showing many handwritten envelopes, some yellowed with age, with the semi transparent overlay of the event information in the centre

Remembrance Day approaches and talented crafters of Walsham-le-Willows and its surrounding villages are preparing to commemorate the day with a profusion of beautiful handcrafted poppies set to adorn St Mary’s Church.

photograph of a stunning red poppy against a bright but grey cloudy sky

To add to the occasion, Walsham Drama Group are planning to present an evening of letter readings.  The letters to be read will all be poignant.  They will have been written by husbands, wives, sweethearts, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, who speak of wisdom, love, loyalty, courage, and separation. Letters from statesmen, generals and other leaders articulate concerns and strategies. All have one thing in common: they were written in times of conflict.  In an era before emails, twitter, and often even telephones, when the future was uncertain, a letter provided an opportunity to write about feelings of love and hope for the future.

Please join us for what we hope will be a memorable evening celebrating the joy, pain, wisdom and humour that characterise this most intimate of literary forms.

Admission will be £5 on the door.  All profits will go to the British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal blue banner with white text and a vivid red poppy to the right

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