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Kick Boxing

Peter challenging us to a fight!

The Academy now has its own website and to access it just click onto combat-kickboxing-academy.co.uk/

“Combat Kickboxing Academy” (CKA) is a family run club with all members of the family training, and Peter Dunnett’s eldest son, Lewis, achieved his 1st Dan Blackbelt at the age of eleven and he is also a 1st Dan Kickboxer with over 20 fights. Peter’s wife Mandy, is also C.R.B checked, First Aided and Child Protection registered. The club also runs First Aid courses for all members.

2014 is the 8th year of the CKA and they are now training for five nights each week plus competing in venues all around the country from Nottingham and Birmingham in the North, including Kent and Surrey in the South and to Reading out to the West.

The latest news (July 2012) is that Leon and Lloyd Dunnett have both been selected to represent England in the ICO World Championships in Paris, to be held between 15th and 19th of November 2012.

In a letter of commendation from the ICO, the Chairman Andrew Hennessy says, "They are both a great asset to Team England and both are potential medal winners for their country. Both boys are local and have been very successful and already hold 11 titles between them from Area, English and British."(sic)

Children are taken for training from the age of 5 and they also include some with various learning difficulties such as ADHD where their parents have had nothing but praise for their progress and many say that their behaviour has definitely improved. Added to that is the fact that they are in partnership with councils who help out under-privilaged children in the area.

Peter has had over fifteen years experience in Karate and Kickboxing with over twenty five fights under his belt! He holds titles in both arts, and he has also represented England fighting Full Contact against Norway and, as well as Kickboxing, Peter teaches self defence, groundwork and street techniques. He caters for the student who just wishes to train for fitness, confidence or small competitions, right up to the student who wishes to compete at a higher level and take part in larger shows, hosted by some of the top promoters in the country.

Peter ensures that all students have full safety equipment when training, and with over two hundred students at the present time he feels that his hard work has been rewarded by the excellent standard of his students. He runs all of his classes himself including the two held here in Walsham every Wednesday evening, and he also runs similar classes in four other local villages where all of his gyms have a fully matted area, hanging punch bags, uppercut bags, floor to ceiling balls, a free-standing numbered punch bag, crash mats, kick shields and focus pads. They also have a 16 foot square kickboxing ring and they do not just train for competition but they also train for general fitness, weight loss, social fun etc.

Peter is S.A.F.E. registered, Child protection registered with the Amateur Martial Association, C.R.B. checked and fully First Aided. The classes have now been running in Walsham for the last few years and they are very well attended, and all of the equipment has been thoroughly checked prior to Peter receiving his Coaching award when he was congratulated on his extremely high standards, and how well the club was run as a whole, and what an excellent environment for young people to train in.

Combat Kickboxing is an amateur sport and all competitors are therefore self financed. Any help with financial support would obviously be greatly appreciated and Peter can be contacted on 01359 259716.

Girl kicking a pad held by a man. Red matting on the ground.

A boy with a girl infront both kicking upwards in synch next to each other – their right legs sticking upwards and motion blurred. The girl has an orange belt.

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