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Village Memorial Hall Restoration Fund

Village Memorial Hall Restoration Fund 100 Club

For only £20.00 per year anyone can become a "Friend of the Memorial Hall" and they then become eligible to be entered into the monthly draw to win:-

The first draw took place in January 2007. The number of Friends are strictly limited to 100, hence the "100 Club". Anyone wishing to join should contact Mike Wills on 01359 258982

All profits go towards the restoration of the Village Memorial Hall.

Village Memorial Hall Restoration Fund

The good news is that the first stage of the restoration of the Memorial Hall has now been completed. Our residents can see that the hall has been extended,and the stage has been demolished. In the rear extension there is now a disabled toilet and shower room, a small meeting room and a large storage area.

A photograph of a large hall looking towards the entrance doors which are flanked by three notice boards..
The extended Village Hall looking towards the entrance.

The hall has now been redecorated by a team of volunteers led by Mr. Ian Bartholomew and it is now furnished with a new set of very nice curtains. Meanwhile the following photographs show the extended hall although it should be noted that, in spite of the hall walls looking rather yellow, they are in fact Magnolia !

A photograph of a large hall with people sitting at a table in the right foreground.
The extended Village Hall looking towards the rear wall.

IT IS A START, BUT THE COMMUNITY COUNCIL STILL NEEDS TO RAISE A LOT MORE MONEY TO COMPLETE THE OTHER STAGES, PARTICULARLY THE TOILETS! So, please support the various events that are being staged to raise that much needed money – it's for you AND FOR YOUR CHILDREN!

Light grey large, low, flat fairly featureless building. Several small windows, a couple of doorways. Car park are with car markings in front. Trees in background.
The Village Hall

During the last few years the Community Council has made several unsuccessful applications for a Lottery grant to enable a comprehensive update of the Memorial Village Hall. All four applictions were rejected as not fully meeting the ever-changing criteria.

The hall is now in almost constant regular use by most of the village organisations which now includes the twice weekly Post Office and it’s accompanying Coffee Morning, the Badminton Club, Baby and Toddlers, Kick Boxing and the Indoor Market. It is also used for various other social functions, Wedding Receptions, 21st Birthday Celebrations, Football Club dinners etc. A monthly list of events is detailed in the current Diary of Events excluding of course any "private functions".

Although the condition of the hall was adequate for use for all of the functions mentioned above The Community Council were well aware that the building itself needed some improvements including some additional space to enable a more versatile layout to include an additional smaller meeting room for the use of committee’s, IT courses etc. It was also essential to add disabled toilet facilities and to tackle the constant damp problems that are an ever present feature of the hall. To help to solve these problems the architect has recommended that the present stage is removed and that the existing floor should be extended to the area presently underneath the stage. The other problem encountered by the old layout was the constant lack of storage space and part of the recommendations included a purpose built extension at the back of the hall primarily to help solve the storage problem. At well as adding the disabled toilet facilities there still needs to be an improved bar area and a general improvement of the existing toilets which will subsequently entail losing a relatively small area of the main hall.

The plans were approved by the Community Council committee and they were displayed in the Village Hall to enable any interested clubs or individuals to study the new layout. A model was also shown to further explain the main areas of improvement i.e. the toilet fascilities, the improved Bar/PO area and the extension complete with the extra disabled toilet and shower, and the small meeting room. This also indicated the storage area for the chairs, the demountable stage and the Baby and Toddlers equipment. A copy of the plan is shown below along with photographs of the 'model'.

As it appears that a lottery grant is not available it was decided to gradually carry out whatever updates are both practical and affordable in line with the above and to this end a Memorial Village Hall Fund has been instigated. This is being organised by a group of volunteers who are running a number of fund raising schemes to help to gradually make those additions and improvements. It is intended to explore any grant avenues available to the Community Council once the tender is approved by the council and this will then be used in combination with the funds raised by this group.

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