Walsham le Willows


In this section you will find a history of Walsham le Willows from c4000bc up until the 1900’s, this is split into 9 sections each covering a specific period, as you will see by the nine individual headings.

Quarterly Review

This section repeats the review that is published by the Walsham History Group which is distributed to all members and is also available from Rolfes, our local Butchers shop. The reviews often focus on a particular subject such as ‘Public Houses past and present’, or on one particular local family but whatever the subject they are all a very interesting read.

Wills Index

This section details the various ‘local’ wills that will be of particular interest to those of you are seriously interested in family genealogy as well as those who have perhaps more of a passing interest!

A Brief History of Walsham

c4000BC – 43AD

This tells us about the type of soil and talks about the first signs of human occupation with photographs of axeheads etc.

43AD – 1066

Here we have signs of Romano-British activity and we also have reference to Domesday.

1086 – 1348

We now meet ‘people’ for the first time and after the Norman Conquest we see the emergence of three local manors.

1349 – 1500

This period includes reference to The Black Death and more manorial details.

The 1500’s

This period includes the dissolution of Ixworth Priory and also tells us about the “Game Place.”

The 1600’s

Here we hear about Ralph Margery, a Captain in Cromwells New Army and we also learn about the period of “ostentation.”

The 1700’s

This gives information from the Town Wardens accounts and we learn about “Beating the Bounds.”

The 1800’s

This period saw a big rise in the local population and the last of the local common land was enclosed.

The 1900’s

We now see big changes in the labour pattern and various other changes that are now just within living memory.

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