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 A coloured painting showing the new logo for the Wild Wood group.

Before we look at the Walsham Wild Wood information we would like to pay tribute to one of our supporters who died on January the 22nd 2017.

 A photograph showing a man sitting on a bench in a field.
Dr. Russell testing the bench !

DR. Alec Russell has been a loyal supporter of this project from it's start and a bench was made and installed at the Wild Wood as part of the Queen‘s 90th Birthday celebrations, and as a tribute to Dr Russell and to recognise his help and support we were delighted to add a plague to the bench in November 2016 acknowledging his support. Alec then cut the appropriate red tape and then tried out the bench, as can be seen in the photograph shown above.

Walsham Wild Wood aims to improve further our village environment through the restoration of woodland. We feel passionately that people benefit from contact with wild spaces, providing a sense of connection with the countryside, a space to walk and exercise and to experience nature. In turn these green spaces provide a haven for wildlife and contribute to maintaining the biodiversity of our countryside. Our local children are part of the Walsham Wild Wood project through their Forest School programme.

We have a lease from the Old Town Trust for a field behind the Walsham le Willows allotments which we have planted with native trees.

Anyone who would like to help us with events or just to find out more please contact: Lorna MacKinnon on 01359 259140 or on mackinnonlorna@gmail.com

Walsham Wild Wood is for everyone - do join us!

Current Events

Our background

In 2010 Walsham le Willows Primary School Walsham le Willows Primary School won a Lottery Grant of £4,500 to create a local woodland. The school also received a grant of £ 500 from the Walsham Gardens Weekend for the same project. Daniel Moore, a pupil at the school, won the competition to design the logo for the woodland. In conjunction with the Green Light Trust a steering committee from the local community was set up and the work began.

In November 2012 we had our inaugural planting. A wonderful group of people turned out and we planted 420 saplings donated by the Woodland Trust including an Oak sapling from the Sandringham Estate to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. This was planted at the top of the main ride by Luke Sargeant, a pupil at the school.

Since 2012 we have continued to have regular open mornings for planting and maintenance. We meet regularly to discuss what needs to be done at the Wood and plan the necessary plantings. We are grateful to Richard Belson who maintains the Wood inbetween our mornings. And a thank you to David Brown who cotinues to provide us with bark mulch.

We introduced a Sponsor a Tree Scheme that was very successful and further involved families and individuals with the Wood. This scheme is now closed.

We have created the Forest School area at the far top corner of the Wood for visits from the school. This includes two tarpaulin posts for the school’s tarpaulin for shelter for the pupils. We have had a marshmallow roasting morning and a poppy sowing morning amongst other visits from the school.

In 2016 we built an entrance to the Wood. The design, by John Stebbing, is loosely based on the lych gate to the cemetery. The Oak frame was installed by John, Richard Belson and Alison Martin. John, Alison and Constance Whitaker carved text on three of the cross beams. We were able to build the entrance as we had a generous donation from the Clark Bradbury Charitable Trust, together with a donation from the Walsham Gardens Weekend and from Waitrose.

 A photograph showing three men relaxing during the building process.
John Stebbing, Richard Belson and Alison Martin resting during the build !

 A photograph of the wooden entrance gateway with christmas parcels.
The new entrance with a Christmas Welcome to everyone !

 A photograph showing  a tarpaulin shelter.
The new tarp shelter.

 A photograph of a group of children and two adults sitting in a field.
The children toasting their marshmallows.

 A photograph of various people planting saplings in a field.
‘The primary school team planting their tree

 A photograph of several ladies planting a tree in a field.
‘The WI team with one of their trees.

 A photograph a group of people surrounding a sapling.
‘Members of the History Group by their sponsored sapling’

 A photograph showing a family surrounding their sponsored tree.
‘The Frost family by their sponsored sapling!’

 A photograph showing a field with people digging with two heaps of soil in the middle foreground and with the church in the far background.
Carrying on with the work!

 A photograph showing a field with a row of people watching the planting of a sapling by a crouching man alongside a small child. Everyone is dressed for a cold day!
Planting the Royal Oak

People and Contacts

Steering Committee.

Please contact: Lorna MacKinnon (259140), or email on: mackinnonlorna@gmail.com

 A photograph showing three ladies and one man working on a rather bare piece of land.
'Our nursery holding bed.'

A photograph showng three people planting a tree in a large field.
'Planting Silver Birches.'

 A photograph showing three men building a bridge with various pieces of wood.
'Building the bridge.'

 A photograph showing a man beside a ditch which is shown 'running away' from the camera. there is a lady on the left of the ditch and she is holding a wheelbarrow whilst a man is standing on the right of the ditch facing away from the camera.
'The drainage ditch that was dug by Scott Parim, another one of our invaluable volunteers.'

As you can see, we have this page on the village website: www.walsham-le-willows.org

We contribute articles to our local magazine 'The Walsham Observer'.

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