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September 3rd 2009

The Play Council - The Very Latest News!

The Play Council has now opened up their own 'Blog'; for the very latest up to date news and pictures of the NEW, open, Play Area just click onto: Playground Blog

The New Playground September 2009

The Play Council Committe opened the new Play Area over the two days of the Open Gardens Weekend Open Gardes Weekend (August 30 & 31st 2009) with a range of various activities and facilities including the cutting of the tape and the declared opening of this new vastly improved Play Area, a Punch & Judy show and finally on the Monday afternoon the spectacular release of 500 balloons. It is also worth a mention that the committee were deservedly blessed by virtually perfect weather - it always helps!

This very brief report does not attempt to describe these new facilities that are now available to the extremely lucky children of Walsham, to really appreciate the sheer scale of this newly enhanced area you must make the effort to visit the site and see for yourself what has been achieved. And you will then begin to appreciate the effort that has been made over the last few months by the extremely enthusiastic and dedicated committee. Meanwhile, and for visitors to this site who are living out of the immediate area there are here displayed a few photographs taken over those exciting couple of days.

A photograph showing a lot of people walking around the new play area. A photograph showing children and adults(!) on their knees digging and playing in a large sandpit.
A photograph showing a child coming down a wiggly slide with another child in the foreground. A photograph showing the rear view of a child crawling through a tunnel which is let into a mound of earth. A photograph showing a lot of young children sitting on the ground in front of a Punch and Judy stand. A photograph showing lots of colourful balloons going up into a bright blue sky.

A brief Background Story.

The existing Play Council has developed from the original Youth Forum which did such great work transforming the Millenium Village Appraisal into action. Local children were asked what they wanted in Walsham and then after successful grant applications, their first priorities, ie. the Skatepark and MUGA were built.

As with all community committees, a constant flow of new members to take over the hard work and keep things rolling is needed. This is especially the case when looking at facilities for the children, families grow and move on, consequently during 2009 the new committee of young parents was formed and...

The £50,000 Playbuilder grant gave another vital shot of funds and with the enthusiasm of the new committee the youngsters were provided with the new constructive play opportunities briefly outlined above.

The Honorary Officers are:

Chairperson Quentin Cass
Vice Chair Mia Witham
Secretary Nicki Harvey
Treasurer Kate Daly

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