Walsham le Willows

Walsham Arts & Crafts Group

Art and Crafts in Walsham le Willows is a group of ten artists and crafts people who live in and around the village. They hold an exhibition annually in the Priory Room, situated in The Causeway, next to St Mary’s Church. Dates for 2015 are 21st to 23rd November. Admission to the exhibition is free.

The group produces ceramics, glass, jewellery, batik, hand-knitting, metalwork, printmaking and paintings in oil, watercolour and pastel.

A photograph showing an exhibition of paintings and various stands inside a small hall. The exhibition in the Priory Room.

All the members are pleased to accept commissions. For information about future exhibitions, contact: Diana Calvert, tel.01359 259237 or Helen Dougall on www.hdbatik.co.uk

The members' work is as follows:

Rob Wheeler, Potter.

Most of the work has it's roots in nature. The form and texture of the hand coiled larger stoneware pieces and panels take influence from fossils and sea life. The Raku pieces look to the more classical shapes such as chinese baluster vases. A range of tin glazed domestic ware decorated in cobalt blue and white is also produced in the studio. For information please visit:www.robwheelerpotter.com

A Blue/grey rounded shaped pot.
Blue with dark lines on a  round shaped pot.

Mandy Jaggard, Cast glass maker

I am fascinated by natural and man-made structures that have strength in their design, and the spaces around them. Cast glass offers me opacity and transparency, and a depth of material in which to replicate these strong forms and their negative spaces. I use photography to develop my ideas, and sometimes these become an end in themselves. My glass work ranges from small paperweights and bowls, through to larger sculptural forms and interior wall lighting. I use lead crystal and recycled glass. I can be contacted via e-mail at mandy.jaggard@btinternet.com

A dark blue dish shaped glass.

Alison Dane, Jewellery maker

My jewellery is lightweight, colourful and fun. I use a range of materials including papers and polycarbonate with a variety of buttons and beads as embellishment. I also make use of my stencil cutting skills to produce cutouts which I have developed for Christmas decorations. All my work is inspired by the local Suffolk landscape and this is central to my range of photographic cards. For more information, email s.dane2011@btinternet.com

A display of jewellery, beads and various decorations.

Chris and Hilary Evans, Printmakers

Chris says “I find the variety of the natural world an inspiration for my prints as well as building structures and landscapes. My collagraph plates are made from card and textured papers and I use zinc plates for my etchings.

I love colour and pattern and printing gives me the opportunity to explore different colour combinations, consequently I rarely edition my work.”

An etching of an exotic bird.
An etching of a wood with trees and plants.

Helen Dougall, Batik artist and Painter

I paint and draw directly from observation, out in the open, in an effort to capture the complete essence of landscape. I am particularly interested in the effect of agriculture on the landscape, tractors 'drawing' across fields to produce perspective patterns and the effect of sunlight across stubble fields, and seascapes with wet, shiny undulating beaches or multicoloured shingle. I develop these ideas in batik, painting and drawing molten wax across dyed fabric. Please email me on helen@hdbatik.co.uk or visit my website at www.hdbatik.co.uk

A colourful batik of fields in various greens, browns and pale blue.

Gill Grimes, Hand-spinner and Knitter.

"I learnt to spin and use natural dyes when my children left home . I found it a fascinating hobby. I also started knitting. As my husband was exceptionally tall and could never get socks long enough to wear for walking or fishing I knitted him a pair with a fancy top. I now knit jumpers, hats scarves etc. in my handspun wool but stick to commercial wool (due to washing) for all of my socks." Gill Grimes. You can email me on gill.wagner@live.co.uk

A photograph showing various samples of knitted items on display in the exhibition.

Peter Rudderham, Metalworker.

I design and make unique metal sculptures and apply artistic techniques to the production of functional items such as gates, weather vanes, arches etc. I am also developing an unusual method of picture painting.

I can be contacted on 01359 259433

A photograph showing a large metal bird flying towards the viewer, against a dull grey background with a hint of a tree to the right hand side.

Mary Jane Toulson, Weaver.

Mary Jane weaves hard wearing floor rugs using wool and jute. Each one is unique, with colour contrasts and blends being her speciality.

She also weaves small scale pictorial wall hangings using hand spun wool and natural dyes.

A photograph showing a piece of a weaving loom.
A photograph of a very tall, thin piece of a weave.

Diana Calvert, Painter.

Diana Calvert is a painter in oils. Her favourite subjects are Landscapes, predominately in the Walsham area, and Still Life and Flower paintings. She is a member of the New English Art Club which is based at the Mall Galleries in London.

You can email Diana on dianamartineau@btinternet.com

A photograph showing a painting of a large jar of gooseberries with their leaves etc. standing on a simple chequered cloth on a table top.

John Clarke, Painter.

John paints in oil and watercolour. Over his long career, he has produced many romantic rural landscapes including closely observed churches, farm buildings and architectural ruins. More recently, his paintings have become more economically abstracted.

John can be contacted by email on suejohngreyhound@aol.com

A photograph of various pictures hanging on display at one of the previous exhibitions.

Gillian Crossley–Holland, the artist working with Pastels.

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